X-Wing Vassal module 8.3.0 (Brand New Dials)

Usual links

X-Wing guide to installing and playing:  xwvassal.info/guide

Module alternate download (fast) page: https://github.com/Mu0n/XWVassal/releases/

Module download page (1-2 day delay): http://www.vassalengine.org/wiki/Module:Star_Wars:_X-Wing_Miniatures_Game

X-Wing Vassal league (season 7 coming soon!) hub: xwvassal.info

Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/mu0n

Paypal Tip jar: http://paypal.me/mu0n

CliffsNotes (the TL;DR version)

New type of dial:

  • Looks like a 2nd edition dial ;
  • Full range of movement visible at all times, even in hidden mode ;
  • Auto-moves the ship when revealed on the map ;
  • Selected move in the center, in a much bigger size only visible to owner in hidden mode or visible to all in revealed mode ;
  • Stronger anti-cheat protections, doesn’t rely on mask gfx ;

Just watch the video demo

Complete list of changes:

New Dial feature:

  • Dials are now 2.0 style (full wheel visible when selecting a move) instead of 1.0 style (only 1 move shown, back plate shown to others while hidden)
  • Stronger anti-cheat measures built-in
  • Larger than before so the wheel can be seen at a distance
  • The front wheel plate image will now be added to the stuff the Content Checker looks for when a new ship trickles into the game
  • Reveal mode for all: the selected move appears larger in the center
  • Hidden mode for owner: changing the move with ‘,’ and ‘.’ changes the visible orientation of the dial and its selected move only for the owner
  • Hidden mode for non-owner: the full plate is still visible but locked in the initial orientation and an icon says the dial is in hidden mode
  • Dials can only be hidden/revealed by its owner who spawned it
  • Old style reveal still present: the movement is shown to all, the chat log says which ship and which movement happens
  • New style reveal with CTRL-S (the old style is still present) makes the linked ship automatically move with the chosen movement, if both the dial and the ship are on the map

Squashed Bugs:

  • Debug message that sometimes appeared when activating autofiring ranges is now gone
  • The Vulture-class Droid Fighter ship graphic no longer fails when the Content Checker tries to generate and keep it inside the module


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