X-Wing Vassal module 8.5.0 (wave 3, Mouse GUI v2, 5 bug fixes)

Usual links

X-Wing guide to installing and playing:  xwvassal.info/guide

Module alternate download (fast) page: https://github.com/Mu0n/XWVassal/releases/

X-Wing Vassal league (season 7 is ongoing now) hub: xwvassal.info

Module download page (1-2 day delay): http://www.vassalengine.org/wiki/Module:Star_Wars:_X-Wing_Miniatures_Game

Found a bug? Missing art? Please report it here or see if someone did already: https://github.com/Mu0n/XWVassal/issues

Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/mu0n

Paypal Tip jar: http://paypal.me/mu0n

Is it important to update to v8.5.0 or can I stick with v8.4.1; bottom line:

  • Always update. You know that by now.

Man, that seems like a big update!:

  • Indeed. It required a lot of effort. Those 5 bug fixes mentioned in the patch notes below may seem like one liners when you’ll read them, but some of them are easily 3 weeks of pain where I almost searched through lots of dead-ends in vain, dug deep through the vassal engine code and requested programming help from the tech channel from the vassal slack
  • Once the mouse GUI is more advanced and running more smoothly, I’ll slow down on the new features and finally return to being a player. As a matter of fact, I’ll partially do that right away because I’m feeling the beginnings of a burn out on vassal development. No one wants that.

New Wave 3 Stuff:

The ship, pilot and upgrade data have been slowly added to the xwing-data2 project led by Guido Kessels and his army of contributors over the past months. You could already spawn placeholder objects with varying levels of graphics (depending on how fast I was to add them in the web-based content checker). But now, you can peruse them all. Let me know in the Issues Page linked above if I missed anything.

Ships, Dials, Pilots, Upgrades of Wave 3

The Vulture droids are a new 2-state ship and like all others before it (T-65 X-Wing, T-70 X-Wing, U-Wing and Customized YT-1300), you can visually alter with ALT-U to toggle between the grappling struts modes (open and closed):

There are several new tokens – strain, a spare parts debris, 3 gas clouds and 2 remotes and can be found in the old school way in the Pieces Window:

However, you may find it easier to spawn remotes and the spare parts with the bomb spawner, since it’ll be automatically oriented with the ship. The right click menu of the bomb spawner was finally revamped (and some wayward entries have been put back in the submenu):

Take note that the Cargo Debris has also been added to the list (instead of the old 1st edition CTRL-SHIFT-ALT-C shortcut, you can simply get it from the bomb spawner with CTRL-G).

Some people will not read these blog posts and inevitably ask you how to properly orient and translate a token behind a ship – it’s NOW POSSIBLE to translate and rotate ANY obstacle token (asteroids, debris, gas cloud, spare parts and even the Epic C-ROC container debris token). I added the same controls you use for ships. Here’s a short list:

  • Translation Nudges (pixel per pixel): SHIFT + any arrow key
  • 15° rotation clockwise (CW): Right arrow key
  • 1° rotation CW: CTRL – Right arrow key
  • 15° rotation counter-clockwise (CCW): Left arrow key
  • 1° rotation CCW: CTRL – Left arrow key
CTRL-B for the backward bomb spawner; CTRL-Shift-B for the launch bomb spawner;
Even the Spare Parts Token can be dropped with this, but it’ll only make sense if you keep the forward 1 template for the bomb spawner.

I plan to do some level of automation for these remotes for the next module version. See the patch notes below, they’re my TO DO entries.

For now, though, we’ll suffer a bit in order to use the DRK-1 Probe Droid. Here’s an example usage and its required steps in order to perform its relocation

  • Forward facing bomb spawner: CTRL-SHIFT-B (or right click menus, as always)
  • Shift-3 to select the straight 3 template on the bomb spawner
  • CTRL-R (drop drk-1 probe droid) on the bomb spawner
  • Drag and drop a bank 2 template from the Pieces/Movement-ranges tab
  • Rotate it so that it aligns with this particular face; arrows for 15° rotations as well as CTRL-arrows for 1° will both be necessary
  • Copy the Droid token (CTRL-C) or just drag n’ drop it to the other end of the template as well as rotate it, similar to the previous step
  • Utter expletives as you await the next module version which will automate this through mouse interface steps! (I now have a stable technology for it)

The Buzz swarm droid token will be roughly similar when it’s time to attach it to the front or back of a victim ship; the spare parts canister is much easier – you only need to spawn it from the bomb spawner and then won’t have to move it for the rest of the game.

Mouse GUI, second iteration:

I introduced a mouse GUI in the last 2 modules (the short lived 8.4.0 followed by the hotfix 8.4.1). A lot of people were confused by it (having not read the 8.4.0 blog post which hurriedly got buried by the 8.4.1 post) and would summon the mouse popup interface for a ship by mistake and not know how to turn it off. Here’s a short list of before (8.4.1) and now (8.5.0) comparison list:

Activating the GUI, Before: Hold CTRL and left-click on a ship

and now: same thing. You also get a message telling you what’s going in the chat window (message just for you, the activator of the GUI)

Clicking on a button, Before: Hold CTRL and left-click on a button

and now: Left-click on a button

After clicking any button, Before: it would dismiss the popup, even if you messed with the + and – button that adjusted the hull and shields

and now: You can also adjust the charge and the force charge, but the popup won’t dismiss itself right away; you can spam those buttons. The other buttons do dismiss the GUI.

Dismissing the GUI, before: Hold CTRL and left-click in an empty area

and now: left click on the red X button in the top right corner

Decloak or Barrel rolls with the straight 2 template, along with StarViper style barrel rolls (with bank templates) are now possible for small ships

When you select a reposition button (for now, barrel roll with straight 1, 2 and bank 1), you’ll get a second stage of the mouse interface showing you visually which positions are legal only to you, the activator of the mouse GUI. However, since you can’t freely go around and check every reposition with impunity (not allowed under the game rules), a chat message will tell you which reposition is being checked out and how many legal positions (unobstructed) are possible, which could bind you into commiting to one of them.

This is still a beta mouse interface: this means the size will be adjusted, the graphics will be improved and a TON MORE functionality will be added. The popup will adjust itself in an empty area instead of being at a fixed offset to the right of the ctrl-clicked ship.

Now that I mention it, I would greatly appreciate someone who could help me build the graphics of this mouse interface. I’m more interested in building the back code of it rather than mess with graphics. At minimum, I’d want:

  • a photoshop file that has all the various buttons in separate layers
  • individual png files for the buttons themselves
  • nothing fancy for the button areas, must fit inside rectangles (doesn’t need to be a standard size)
  • Must be big enough to be seen and clicked with a map window that encompasses the whole height of a regular 1920 x 1080 monitor; must not cover a too large area either
  • I’m thinking of making a 2nd popup and maybe even a 3rd popup level for some obscure functionalities you don’t need every day

I regularly get offers for help with the module. In the code department, it’s a nightmare to set up because of the vassal engine which has a huge learning curve, which is itself completely shadowed by our mixture of amateur (me) and professional (some helpers since 2017) code; it’s a serious chore getting even professionals up to speed with this.

But graphic work? I know there are a lot of talented designers out there who could land a hand and make this happen more than 10 times faster than I could, at a quality that I can’t reach.

New ship base graphics

Two things were requested right at the start of 2nd edition on vassal. Better rear arc lines and clearer colored arcs. Both have been addressed. You could only see the Front Arc in color for every ship before, but now, the colored arcs reflect the physical pieces. These configurations are now supported:
– Front arc only (ie T-65 X-Wing)

  • No base arc at all (ie RZ-2 A-Wing or YT-1300)
  • Full Front arc (ie Auzituck gunship)
  • Front and Rear Arc (ie Lambda-class Shuttle)

Patch Notes:


New pieces added via the Content Checker (could be downloaded a few days before this release with previous module versions):

  • Sith Infiltrator
  • V19-Torrent
  • Vulture-Droid (2 states, toggle between them with ALT-U)
  • Republic ARC-170
  • Belbullab
  • Aethersprite

New map, perfect for Wave 3:

  • 3’x3’ Kamino, provided by Chris Allen, quality downscaled and gfx tweaked by Mu0n

New Token:

  • Strain token in Pieces/Chits/SecondEdition
  • Will be autospawned if you use these cards which are associated with it: Treacherous, K2-B4, Dedicated, Clone Commander Cody (new cards can easily be associated with this token through a simple file edit somewhere on the web)

Gas Cloud functionality:

  • Can be found in Pieces/Chits/Gas Clouds
  • Can be flipped horizontally with CTRL-S (‘Cycle Shape’)
  • CTRL-L to toggle a graphic to check range 1-2-3 around them
  • Autospawn can now spawn them. Their xws names are gascloud1, gascloud2, gascloud3. YASB2 has been updated to support them as well as provide a correct link for Vassal’s autospawn.
  • A ship repositioning, or maneuvering over them or through them will trigger an overlap event (red flashing shapes, chat log message)
  • An autorange firing line (or band of lines between parallel ships lined up right) passing through a cloud will be marked as obstructed.
  • Typing ‘c’ with a movement template overlapping a gas cloud will say if there’s an overlap or not

Probe Droid Token functionality:

  • Can be found in Pieces/Chits/Remotes (use this as last recourse)
  • Can be automatically dropped from a bomb spawner with CTRL-R
  • CTRL-L to toggle a graphic to check range 1-2-3 around them
  • TO DO (next module version): a chat window report of autorange 1-2-3 of ships within range of it
  • TO DO (next module version): a mouse GUI that pops up and lets you manage all 5 movement directions times 3 maneuver choices (straight 2, bank 2 left and right) in order to relocate the token

Buzz Droid Swarm Token functionality:

  • Can be found in Pieces/Chits/Remotes (use this as last recourse)
  • Can be dropped from a bomb spawner with CTRL-W
  • TO DO (next module version): A ship repositioning, or maneuvering over them or through them will trigger an overlap event (red flashing shapes, chat log message)
  • TO DO (next module version): The same overlap event should also trigger a mouse GUI that lets you select the front or back of the ship that passed through in order to attach it automatically, translated and rotated right. The 2 choices will offer a silhouette of the token and a clickable white or red dot, depending on space availability.

Spare Parts Token functionality:

  • Can be found in Pieces/Chits/Debris
  • A ship repositioning, or maneuvering over them or through them will trigger an overlap event (red flashing shapes, chat log message)
  • An autorange firing line (or band of lines between parallel ships lined up right) passing through a cloud will be marked as obstructed.
  • Typing ‘c’ with a movement template overlapping a gas cloud will say if there’s an overlap or not
  • TO DO (next module version): add it to the autospawner so it appears in your player window
  • TO DO (next module version): give it a mouse GUI shortcut which will then ask you to click on a ship so that it can be attached, translated & rotated properly, behind it. Do the same with the big Debris Cloud associated with Rigged Cargo

Cargo Debris Token functionality:

  • Is now associated with the Bomb Spawner (invoke the spawner with CTRL-B, drop the cargo debris from the bomb spawner with CTRL-G)

New Global Obstacle functionality:

  • All asteroids, debris, cargo debris and gas clouds can now be nudged and rotated using the same commands you could with templates and ships. Shift-Arrows to translate. Left & Right arrows for 15 degrees rotations. Ctrl-Left & Right Arrows for 1 degree rotations.
  • Rotated mines, asteroids, debris and gas clouds (using the nudges mentioned in the last items) will now properly trigger collisions with their slightly rotated angles.
  • I had to remove the free rotation that was manipulated with the mouse in order to make all of this work (the one initiated with CTRL-R and then chosen with a movement of the mouse and which was ended with a click) – sorry!
  • TO DO (next module version): a chat window report of autorange 1-2-3 of ships within range of it

Squashed Bugs:

  • Large ship repositions would trigger false overlaps under a very rare circumstances
  • Single or double turret ships would trigger rare false overlaps when repositioning
  • Obstacles no longer spawn multiple times (n times, where n was the number of ships in your squad) when loading from YASB2
  • The ship base graphics are now much more similar to their real life counterparts: instead of having a normal colored front arc for all ships, only the ones that actually are supposed to have one do now. No colored arc ships are present (ie YT-1300), full front arc ones are present (ie YV-666) and front & rear arc ones are present (ie FS-31). On top of this, the rear arc lines are much more visible and full.
  • Autorange lines will now turn off during a playback of a logfile instead of accumulate and pollute the map.


Squashed Bugs:

  • Helped on 3 occasions to bring critical ideas which led to finalize the eradication of 3 bugs.


Squashed Bugs:

  • Helped add missing headers to card image requests


Squashed Bugs:

  • Helped find a solution to the upgrades not being processed for the content management tool he wrote – this helped bring all the new upgrades to the Content Checker repository.


Provided scans of the tokens for wave 3 when a call for help was made on Reddit

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