X-Wing Vassal module 8.9.2 (small base fix, 2 maps)

Usual links

X-Wing guide to installing and playing:  xwvassal.info/guide

Module github download (fast) page: https://github.com/Mu0n/XWVassal/releases/

X-Wing Vassal league (new website!) (season 10 is ongoing) hub: 

Vassalengine.org download page (1-2 day delay): http://www.vassalengine.org/wiki/Module:Star_Wars:_X-Wing_Miniatures_Game

Found a bug? Missing art? Please report it here or see if someone did already: https://github.com/Mu0n/XWVassal/issues

Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/mu0n

Paypal Tip jar: http://paypal.me/mu0n

Is it important to update to v8.9.2 or can I stick with v8.8.9 bottom line:

  • Always update. You know that by now.

Cliffsnotes of this update?

  • The small base “chit” graphique for all ships have had their arc lines (front and back) redrawn so that they better line up with the toggle 1-2-3 range firing arcs
  • 2 new maps were added: Jehda (from space) and Mustafar (planetside)
  • Autorange has been tweaked to work with some elements (it now properly shows obstructed shots) in the optional Hotac and Flight Group Alpha module extensions
  • Concerns about the new Vassal client software 3.3.1

Small Base Fix


Since the launch of the 2.0 version of the vassal module, the arc lines on the ship base (small form factor only) had a slight difference in the angle, compared to the toggleable range 1-2-3 graphic (that you can toggle with ctrl-f, for example). The difference was in a range between 0.5 and 1.0 degrees, enough to cause some players in the community varying degrees of concern, ranging from mild to severe. Shown above is the fixed version.

Here’s an animated comparison between the old and new versions of an empty small ship base. The newer version is a bit narrower.


Chris Allen bugged me about adding maps. I don’t do this often and I added them compressed, with reduced saturation, .jpg quality reduced so as to not occupy the image’s original 11+ mb size (they were reduced under 300 kb)

Jehda getting pwned
High Ground Battle Simulator Place

Hotac and Flight Group Alpha

Some of the objects used in these campaigns (which can be played using their respective x-wing module extensions, downloadable in the official vassal webpage) can now properly obstruct shots and trigger the appropriate behavior from the autorange feature.

The Vassal client was updated from 3.2.17 to 3.3.1

Use this new Vassal client at your own risk. I haven’t tested the X-Wing module with it yet, but some patch notes from the Vassal page gives me some concern:

  • Things may be broken which worked in 3.2.17. If you find a bug introduced since 3.2.17, please report it.
  • If you save a module in VASSAL 3.3, you will NOT be able to open it afterwards with VASSAL 3.2. We recommend keeping a backup copy of any pre-3.3 modules you plan to modify in 3.3 until you’ve verified that everything works to your satisfaction.
  • Some modules containing custom drawing code may render incorrectly on HiDPI displays. If you are the maintainer of such a module, let us know and we can advise you about what needs updating for 3.3 in your code. (We are aware already that VASL has this problem and are working with its maintainers to update it.)

Basically, the big new thing about this new client is support for higher resolution monitor (4k and such), which tended to be a bummer for some users, since the interface elements of Vassal would remain extremely small for them. I can’t really say since I personally own a circa-2013 Windows machine with a trusty 1920×1080 monitor.

Keep in touch with me if you do test it and it ends up working badly. That would be very appreciated.

If you’re risk averse, stick with Vassal client 3.2.17 for now.

Patch notes:


Chat window (main window) buttons:

  • Small ship chits: gfx redrawn under Gimp to match the angle of the 1-2-3 arc graphic toggle (and also the autorange)
  • Did Chris Allen’s work he promised me he’d do but didn’t of desaturating, quality reducing and jpg save-as-ing for the 2 maps he presented me (Shaaaaaaame :P)
  • Added autorange for some elements of Hotac and Flight Group Alpha

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