X-Wing Vassal module v9.1.0 (Vassal v3.4 compatibility, new map)

Usual links

X-Wing guide to installing and playing:  xwvassal.info/guide

Module github download (fast) page: https://github.com/Mu0n/XWVassal/releases/

X-Wing Vassal league (new website!) (waiting for season 11 to start late 2020) hub: 

Vassalengine.org download page (1-2 day delay): http://www.vassalengine.org/wiki/Module:Star_Wars:_X-Wing_Miniatures_Game

Found a bug? Missing art? Please report it here or see if someone did already: https://github.com/Mu0n/XWVassal/issues

Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/mu0n

Paypal Tip jar: http://paypal.me/mu0n

Is it important to update to v9.1.0 or can I stick with v9.0.0 bottom line:

The quick answer is: yes, update.

The long answer is complicated this time around.

If you have updated your Vassal client to v3.4.1+:

You have no choice to update to X-Wing v9.1.0, otherwise pretty much nothing works

If you have updated your Vassal client to v3.3.x:

You can keep using v9.0.0 but as soon as the September ships are upon us, you’ll have a bad TIE/rb Heavy, so update anyway to v9.1.0.

If you have updated your Vassal client to v3.3.x, have a 4k display and are stuck with the very old X-Wing v8.9.2:

The v9.0.0 module fixed issues with 4k monitors and weird java interface sizes leading to gameplay issues with the size of the ships, but go ahead and get the latest and greatest anyway just for good measure, both for client and x-wing module.

If you’re on the old v3.2.17 and have an older 1080p monitor and want to hold off as long as possible:

You can have a bug free experience with client v3.2.17 and x-wing v9.0.0 (or even v8.9.2) for the next couple of weeks, but update both of these anyway in time for the Fall releases.

Cliffsnotes of this update?

  • All ship movement, dial reveals, ship reposition, bomb dropping, autorange from ships, autorange from obstacles ARE BROKEN if and only if you have the vassal client v3.4.1; all those issues are repaired with this new v9.1.0 module. This v9.1.0 module is fully backwards compatible with v3.3.x and v3.2.17 as well.
  • Fixed: a weird bug which showed you a null pointer error popup when you joined a game at a specific point while players manipulated a dial would give you the impression that something very bad happened, but it had no consequence to you the observer. These should not happen anymore.
  • TIE/rb Heavy dial plate now has a fixed tallon roll left icon instead of a rightward one
  • New 3’x3′ Map from Team Culex
  • Because of Vassal client v3.4.1, some chat window alerts and automated text appear as blue text instead of the old pink, some of it has reverted to plain (non bold) black, the next module versions will try to leverage this new reality to create a few classes of alert, as ideas are found.

What happened with Vassal client v3.4.1?

In their efforts about increasing compatibility with international keyboard layouts, this changed how all keyboard shortcuts are displayed in their “text” form. The X-Wing module used their textual representation without issues for 3 years+, but all became broken under v3.4.1 – this included everything that was built on the backbone of the keyboard shortcuts: ship movement, ship repositions, autorange, etc.

Even though most most players use the dials to move ships and the ship mouse interface for everything else, these shortcuts could still be typed in manually by the savvy user looking to shave off a few seconds (to perform a sleek and quick as-far-as-possible-barrel-roll, for example). Even the graphical ship mouse interface issued commands via these olden keyboard shortcuts.

Everything was changed to a much more robust language-blind keystroke java definitions and should work with all versions, old and new alike!

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